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The early detection of children with mental retardation is based on the close collaboration of a neonatologist, the pediatric services and a psychologist. The main methods are the following up of children who are carrying by themselves factors from birth, systematic six-months controls in the first three years of life, and collaboration with institutions taking care of youngsters.

The analysis is based on the opinion of the neonatologist, an anamnesis taken from the parents, on following the child's development by a pediatrician and psychologist, as well as on the application of psychological tests according to the age of the child.

At the moment, this method of working could be elaborated through developmental counseling departments located in municipal health institutions.

The fact is that early detection has its value only if there are conditions for early treatment. This fact obliges developmental counseling departments to include in its team, besides a pediatrician and a psychologist, also defectologist who has adequate methods for the stimulation of the development and early treatment of mentally retarded children.