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            In the frame work of a general and wholly therapeutic program, that is necessary for treatment of mentally retarded children, the remedial therapy i. e.  medical treatment has jet  its important role, very often estimated according the possibilities in this field, but in the frame work of all the other therapeutic procedures will have its own place for a long time further on.

            The most used is psychopharmaco therapy, which is used as necessary, for symptomatic activities, very often in the sphere of behavior or different implanted psychopathological disorders of mentally retarded children. The priority is given to the non sedative high potential  neuroleptocytes. The group of basic sedative low potential neuroleptocytes should be avoid, because of the shown sedation, which has an negative influence towards the cognition and learning, which are already damaged in mentally retarded children.

            We treat conditions of neurotic of these children with “anksiolitici” and “tranklizeri”. We should be very cautions using these drugs from the group of “benzodiazemini”, because of the possibility of development of tolerance and possible dependency.

            According to the direct remedial actions under the retardation i. e. the attempts to improve them with different cerebral stimulate and vitamin preparations, there are different and opposite opinions for their benefit and justification. From one point of view there is a statement that these preparations are necessary in the frame of complete treatment of mentally retarded children, from another point of view there are statements that unluckily prove that there is still no evidence of their therapeutic effectiveness.

            We have paid more attention to the problem of antiepileptic therapy, which according to our notices, has indications for very frequent usage because the epileptic manifestations are the most accompanied symptomatology t. e. parallel disease of mentally retarded children. Remedial treatment of this disease is very serious and severe problem, that is why we have pointed out some important , practical notes that  one should have on mind in the long term treatment.

            In the general pharmacotherapy the classic rule still exist :accurate medicine in due time, and exact dose”. The drug accurate remedy should have proved therapeutic action without growing worst  of the disease and not being harmful for the patient’s health.

            It is very important and is needed to know that in the growth age, with the remedial therapy, it is not enough if we want to improve the patient’s condition only to cure him or to reduce the symptoms, but at the same time to provide optimal conditions for growth, development and maturation.

            Medicine, according to the treatment of this problem according to its capabilities, can tell the real state, that is why the therapeutic future of the mentally retardation is not the cure but giving directions to the preventive procedures, before all the encephalopathithes and early detection of every risk cases, for preventive and in due time intervention.




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