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The present article sets forth the theoretical grounds which make the basis for the organizational scheme of the autistic persons social protection. This protection consists of the below listed forms of work:

·         Health service with the role of an early detection and participation in the creation of rehabilitation programs;

·         Social protection with its programs of work from the diagnostics where the defectologist makes a team together with the physician and the psychologists to the systems of rehabilitation institutions where the defectologist’s is the main responsibility.

The present article underlines two facts, namely:

·         that an autistic person requires to be followed and every spare moment used to promote and advance the activities the doer commenced himself instead of having him carry out the programs which are beyond his internal motivations and which he finds emotionally inaccessible;

that and form of work organization with autistic persons must subordinate its administrative part to the basic professional requirements this kind of disorder (handicap) sets in front of each professional.




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