(situation, problems and needs)


            The author of this paper wants to pay attention to the utmost problems of treatment and pre-school upbringing, from several points of view ( health, social, educational, economic, normative etc.), that are related to the establishment of the primary conditions and suppositions for successful organization of protection and rehabilitation of these children.

            Children with developmental difficulties are quite a complex problem of the family, society and professional problem. The complexity and the burden of this problem are seen through the type and level of  impairment, through the number of such children, as in providing  financial, personnel and other conditions that are needed for successful protection and treatment.

            Taking into consideration the number of these children, in the paper is given the prognosis according to some percentages used for the whole population by ON and WHO. It is considered that 5-7 %  are children with developmental difficulties at pre-school period. because the main topic at this Symposium is early treatment and pre- school upbringing, the early age is taken for the mentioned percentage. According to this, in our country there are about 19.000 children from 0-9 years of age, if this percentage of 6 %  is applied from the total number of children at that age, that  shows in the latest census of the population in the R. of Macedonia in 1994 , that there are 313.908 children. This number shows the gravity of the problem that is elaborated in this paper. The author stresses that the complexity of this problem  increases if we take into consideration the present conditions according to the range of these children with early treatment and preschool upbringing, as apart of the whole system of rehabilitation.

            The complete treatment, i.e. the rehabilitation of children with developmental difficulties presents  the unity of all the provisions and proceedings that are necessary to be undertaken to eliminate or reduce to the minimum consequences of the handicap of the psychopyshical condition of the child and to facilitate his involvement in the society.

            The basis for such a treatment are set in the early childhood. The way, the detection, evidence, diagnostics, early treatment and pre-school upbringing, are organized,  as basic elements of the protection and rehabilitation system, depends the number of children ranged in the integrational rehabilitation.

            In that way, it must be stressed that the timely detection, the adequate diagnosis, early treatment and pre-school upbringing of children with developmental difficulties make the rehabilitation successful.

            In the Republic there are prerequisites for organizing early treatment and  pre-school upbringing , to develop the necessary professional services, that are elaborated in this paper. It states one of the most important factors for the need of coordination and synchronization of all the institutions involved in this complex problem, putting the stress on the health, defectological and social special services and pre-school institutions. The need of changing the legislative regulations in this field is also pointed out, in case to enable medical examinations, the need of establishing and evidencing of risk born children in the maternity hospitals, through the advisory and health care homes and the Republic institute for health care.

            In the paper a special stress is put on the forms of the pre-school upbringing of children with developmental difficulties, paying attention to the institutional and  exinstitutional forms, as for the organization of the patronaged defectological service, i.. e. work with these kind of children in their families etc. There is a need of special curricula, normatives and standards for work with these children; and the need of solving the financial problem  in the Republic.

            All the conditions and  problems  confirm the fact that maximum effort not only for annex but for  establishment of more coherent system for the complete care  of persons with developmental difficulties especially in the early treatment, early detection, diagnostics and pre-school upbringing , is needed. In that context, it is considered that our Republic has the adequate potentials referring to the level of professionally developed though, number and structure of personnel, space capacities and technical aids, and  economic conditions that strengthen in present  conditions of transition of our society.

            On the basis of the presented conditions,  is obvious the need for mobility of all the institutions applying adequate provisions that will lead towards successful  continuation of the whole organization and work in the field of early treatment and pre-school upbringing of children with developmental difficulties.

            Accordingly, we  want to propose some provisions that should be involved in the health and children care, education, upbringing, and normative regulations. 



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